Kenneth Fivizzani
Candidate for ACS Director-at-Large


Ken photos

Ken and Mary Fivizzani
Ken listening to Bill Carrol
Ken and Amber with ChemLuminary
Ken and Amber with ChemLuminary
Ken and Amber with ChemLuminary
Ken and Sylvia Ceyer
Ken at the Ilinois State Fair

Ken Fivizzani Welcome to my website.  I hope you will find this site to be a useful source of information about me and the upcoming ACS National Election.  For the 2017 national election, if you are a Councilor, you will be invited to vote for at least two ACS offices:  1) the 2018 ACS President-Elect; and 2) two Directors-at-Large for 2018-20.  I am a candidate for Director-at-Large. If you live in either District III or District VI, you will be asked to vote for a District Director as well. Note that you will probably have a local section election in 2017.  I encourage you to vote in both the national and your local section elections.

The ACS Board of Directors, the Society's chief governing body and legal representative, is chartered to "have, hold, and administer all the property, funds, and affairs of the Society." The Board holds a minimum of four meetings annually and makes a report at each Council meeting with respect to the general state of the Society and administrative actions taken by it in the interim period between Council meetings.

The Board is composed of four ex officio members (President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, and Executive Director) and twelve directors.  Six of the directors are Directors-at-Large; they are elected by vote of all the Members of the ACS Council. The other six directors represent specific geographical districts (Districts I through VI); each of these district directors is elected by vote of all ACS Members in the district.  The term of all directors is three years.

The Biography tab on this site will provide information about my professional career, education, honors, previous and current service in ACS national offices and in other ACS offices, such as local sections and divisions.  Some related activities are also listed.

The Issues tab contains the official statement that I submitted to ACS. During the period leading up to the election, I will expand discussion of several specific issues.  I will also address questions that members may have. 

You can submit questions, comments, and suggestions to me during the election period and beyond.  See the Contact Ken tab for details.

I look forward to representing the Council and the Society and would appreciate your support.

Ken Fivizzani – Candidate for Director-at-Large



* Many of these photos were taken at public ACS events. The presence of other ACS members in these photos neither assumes nor implies their endorsement of the candidate.




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