Kenneth Fivizzani
Candidate for ACS Director-at-Large


I welcome your support for my candidacy for Director-at-Large of the American Chemical Society. 

Some of you have already volunteered to spread the word about my candidacy. Thanks for your help and enthusiasm. What can others do to help me in this election if you support my candidacy? Of course, the most important factor is that you vote in the national election and encourage other ACS members that you know to vote as well.  Directors-at-Large are elected by the ACS Council. If you are a Councilor, you will be asked to vote for two candidates for Director-at-Large (out of four candidates) on your National Election Ballot. Every ACS member is represented by at least one local section councilor, and division members have at least one councilor for each division. It would greatly help my chances if you put in a good word for me with your councilors.

If you would be willing to publically support me, you could have your name included in a list of my supporters on my website. I know that ACS members are hesitant to publicly endorse candidates in ACS elections. I vote in every ACS election but have only publicly supported candidates twice. So, I certainly understand if individuals are reluctant to do this. However, it would be a definite help to me if some of my ACS friends and colleagues would be willing to support me publically. To add your name to the list of my supporters, please send me an e-mail indicating your support, at

A second level of support would be to provide a short endorsement statement, explaining why you believe I would be a good director. Again, please send your comments to  Thank you.


I met Ken Fivizzani when he was working on his MS degree at Loyola University Chicago.  Then, as now, he was a bright, hardworking chemist, possessing both organizational skills and a natural ability to bring out the best in the people around him.  I had the good fortune to be a member of the Chicago Section, the Committee on Chemical Safety, and the CHAS division while Ken was Chair of each group.  He is a skilled leader who supported his committee members and coworkers, and helped the group to move forward even through challenging times.   He is someone whose counsel I seek and I look up to as a role model.  I am confident that he will be an exemplary member of the ACS Board. As a councilor, I urge you to vote for Ken as Director-at-Large.

David Crumrine
Councilor, C&B,  Member CHAS and ORGN,  ACS Fellow, 50 year ACS member, Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus

I have known Ken for many years and consider him a good friend and trusted colleague. He is generous with his expertise and knowledge and I have a great deal of respect for his perspective and wisdom.

Ken is forward-thinking and a creative problem-solver.  He has an ability to bring people together, to listen to differing viewpoints and to ensure good ideas are considered, even if they are expressed quietly.  Even if people are at odds, Ken is skilled at defusing a potentially negative situation and bringing people together to work towards a common goal.

The Board of Directors would be very well-served with Ken as a Director-at-Large.  He is straightforward and honest, wise and kind, with a wonderful sense of humor.

Debbie M.Decker
CCHO, ACS Fellow
Councilor and Past Chair, Division of Chemical Health and Safety
University of California, Davis

I have had the great pleasure of knowing and working with Ken Fivizzani since I first became active in the governance of the Chicago Section in the early 2000's. We have each served as Chairs of the Section (Ken twice), we have both been councilors and directors, and have been co-trustees of the Section's portfolio of investments since 2011. So we have had ample opportunity to work together. Among my observations of Ken include:

1. If you need someone to lend a hand, or to help with a project, you can always count on Ken. For example, the Illinois Sections have a science tent each year at the Illinois State Fair. We can count on Ken to join us at the Fair for a couple of days each year, helping to do demonstrations, showing kids how to play with the gadgets on our "hands on" tables, and generally helping to make the tent work.

2. In an organization such as the Chicago Section, you can always count of some of our members having opinions divergent from one another. Ken has a rare skill in finding a way to bridge the divide between opposing views and find a compromise that will work for everyone. This is the all-to-uncommon skill that is needed to keep an organization running smoothly.

3. Ken has been a strong contributor on the national level for years. He has served on task forces, chaired the Committee on Chemical Safety, and organized symposia. So Ken knows the ACS National organization and how to work within it.

4. Ken is interested in people, and he cares about people.

5. I am proud to call Ken a friend.

I think all of these attributes are important for members of the governance of any organization, and will be particularly important for someone in the role of Director in the American Chemical Society, where he has to work closely with other members of the Board of Directors, and at the same time represent us, the members of our Society. I enthusiastically and whole-heartedly endorse and recommend Ken for the position of Director-at-Large for the American Chemical Society. If you agree, please honor him with your vote.

Milt Levenberg
Councilor and Trustee, Past Chair, Past Director, Chicago Section, Associate member of National ACS's Senior Chemists Committee

I am not currently a Councilor, but I feel so strongly about the opportunity to elect Ken Fivizzani to be a Director that I am writing this endorsement.  I have known Ken for many years through our association with the Division of Chemical Health and Safety (CHAS), and the ACS Committee on Chemical Safety (CCS).  I am delighted to call him a friend and colleague.  I know what a great work ethic he has.  He worked for many years as a manager for Nalco before his retirement.  He is relentless in his efforts to promote excellence in chemistry and especially in safety.  He is a proven leader with the ACS serving as Chair for CHAS, not once but three times.  He served as a member on CCS and also was the CCS Chair.  Ken has experience and insight as a research chemist and as manager in a large company.  He volunteers to help manage ACS organizations and frequently gives presentations to teach us how to be better – he is a devoted member of ACS.  I believe Dr. Ken Fivizzani would be an outstanding Director-at-Large, and if I was a Councilor, I would vote for him to skillfully represent our best interests. I hope you carefully consider Ken for this post.

Robert H. Hill, Jr., Ph.D.
ACS Fellow, CCS, CHAS member, Past CCS Chair, Past CHAS Chair, Past CHAS Councilor, ACS Emeritus Member
Coauthor of Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students

Some people look at the American Chemical Society and think CHEMISTRY… others look at the American Chemical Society and see CHEMISTS!  My colleague and friend Dr. Ken Fivizzani leans toward the latter.   His career and his passion have been focused on the CHEMIST.   From his work with the ACS Council, the Committee on Chemical Safety, the Committee on Community Activities, and the Division of Chemical Health and Safety … to service as Councilor & Chair for the Chicago Local Section … as an active contributor to a National Blue Ribbon commission and ACS publications, he has always made his fellow CHEMISTS his priority.  He will certainly serve us well as our Director of the American Chemical Society.  In the upcoming ACS election, I strongly encourage your vote for Dr. Ken Fivizzani as Director-at-Large.

Michael G. Koehler, Ph.D.
Councilor, Past Chair Chicago Section
Principal Scientist and Managing Partner
Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc.

I support Ken. I have worked on the Chicago Section BOD with Ken for many years. He has a great combination of people and analytical skills that make him a great contributor to our Section strategy and operations. He would make a terrific member on the ACS BOD!

Russ Johnson
Councilor and former Chair Chicago Section

Fellow Chemists:

I have never publicly endorsed an ACS candidate before, but the upcoming ACS national election is different.  One of the candidates for Director-at-Large is Ken Fivizzani, for whom I request your vote.

Ken has had experience in industry, as well as academia and government agencies.  He was on the Blue Ribbon Commission that investigated NIST after our plutonium spill in 2008 and provided good guidance to help NIST through that difficult time.  He continues to be a strong advocate for safe use of chemicals and always takes the side of a good life for chemists.  Ken is an excellent communicator and works hard for improving ACS.

Please vote in the national elections, and strongly consider voting for Ken Fivizzani.

Sonja G.Ringer
Occupational Health and Safety Specialist, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder, CO

Ken is caring, patient, kind and always willing to listen to me. He will represent all members of the American Chemical Society.

Barb Moriarty
Councilor, Past Chair, Chicago Section

I have known and worked with Ken for more than 22 years.  His style of leadership and his knowledge of both chemistry and the ACS are attributes that will make him an effective Director.  In addition, Ken’s knowledge of chemical safety will provide Director-level leadership for the Society’s Core Value of Safety and Ethics. Ken recently demonstrated that leadership by chairing the writing team for the new ACS policy statement on safety.

I strongly endorse Ken for this position and urge those in the Council to vote for him.

Neal Langerman
53-year member of ACS

Throughout his career Ken has made innumerable valuable contributions to the Chicago Section.  He is a true champion for the chemical profession, and his passion for serving others is unparalleled.  The combination of Ken’s educational background, industry experience, and ACS service record makes him uniquely qualified to understand, and effectively address, today’s ACS members’ needs.  I know from experience that Ken would make an outstanding Director – and this appointment would allow him to make even a greater difference for the profession and for the community as a whole.

Inessa Miller
Councilor, Past Chair and Gibbs Award Chair, Chicago Section

I have worked with Ken for many years and found him to be a strong and caring leader who continuously strives to improve the lives of chemists.

Erik A. Talley
ACS Fellow, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


Other chemists that add their names in support of Ken:

Paul Brandt, Director, Editor of The Chemical Bulletin, newsletter for the Chicago Section, ACS

Irene Cesa, Associate Member, Committee on Chemical Safety



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